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Visualizing The Wheel of Time: Reader Sentiment for an Epic Fantasy Series

In the following blog post, I explore reader sentiment for the Epic Fantasy book series The Wheel of Time , as expressed in user-submitted ratings on Amazon and GoodReads. If you're a data scientist (or similar), you'll probably be interested in the data analysis which includes some interesting observations about the usefulness - or otherwise - of Amazon reviews. If you're a Epic Fantasy Series reader, you'll be interested in the outcome of my analysis: I've decided to go ahead and read all fourteen books. Note -   This is a spoiler free zone .  Updated 17th Sept: charts now more accurate, not quite as pretty * Recently, I was looking for a good book to read, and a friend recommended The Wheel of Time  series by Robert Jordan . But I'd heard from a few sources that the later volumes were harder going than the earlier volumes. Having struggled with later volumes of the Game of Thrones  series (sorry George ) I was wary of starting a mammoth fourteen vo