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London maps and bike rental communities, according to Boris Bike journey data

Every time someone in London makes a journey on a Boris Bike (officially, the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme ), the local government body  Transport For London  (TFL) record that journey. TFL make some of this data available for download, to allow further analysis and experimentation. Below, you'll find maps of the most popular bike stations and routes in London, created from the TFL data using Gephi , plus a few simple data processing scripts that I threw together. The idea for these maps originated within a project group at a course on Data Visualisation, held at the Guardian last year. We're working on a more publisher friendly form, so thank you to my course mates for giving me the go ahead to include them here. First, here's a map showing all bike stations and all popular journeys. Popular Boris Bike journeys and stations.  Full version . The first map shows the most popular routes and bike stations, those with more than ~150 journeys made during the six mont