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Welcome to The Variable Tree, a blog all about Programming and Software Engineering, with a leaning towards articles about data mining and analytics.

This blog covers range of topics, but I (that is, me, James Siddle - see Bio below) have a particular interest in data mining and related topics. That includes things like data extraction pipelines, Natural Language Processing, classification and prediction using Machine Learning, data storage techniques, and more. That said, you might also find topics about programming in general, perhaps something about new programming languages, domain modelling, observations on development processes, or the odd article about interesting applications.

First up, I'll be writing a few articles about how to retrieve, process, and analyze data from the Steam community API, showing how to generate a few interesting statistics from online gaming communities.

Hopefully you'll find something of interest, enjoy reading :)

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James Siddle
I'm an all round software engineer, and I've been programming since an early age - I started with BASIC on an Acorn Electron, and have touched every more or less every platform and language you can imagine since then. I work for Digital Science, an arm of Macmillan publishing, we build information systems and services to help scientists. That includes plenty of data extraction, Natural Language Processing, analysis, storage, and ultimately the creation of services to allow customers access to the data we gather and the information we extract. This blog is not affiliated with Digital Science, and all views expressed here are my own.


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